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Nice writte up. I agree with you, specially on the "when it rains" part.

We had 2 days of that, and the kids were getting really bored by 1 pm...

One big concern I had in my month of cruising was the fact that my youngest, Luis, learnt to climb the companion way stairs, and often would surface outside in the cockpit.

Within a week, he could get in and out of the cabin on his own, which caused serious problems. My transom is quite open, and the access to my cockpit and deck are not very difficult to transpose, therefore we had several moments where the guy could have fallen overboard when we were anchored (as when we're sailing he either fell asleep and went inside or was tethered outside).

This created a problem, at anchor one of us had to be on the lookout 24/7, it gets old and tiresome after a week.

I rigged nets and stuff, but it was never enough..he could allways find a hole and surface outside again...

He felt once down the companion way, so the part where he lerans to grab for life was naturally provided to him...he now knows better and grabs strongly.

We also had the problem....PFD...were we going to have him dress it all the time?? or not??

We opted for PFD on the baby only when we were moving, and if you know my boat you will understand it makes double sense, as I would be 100% ocupied with making the boat move, Giulietta would look aftert the baby, and Fred reliefed both of us when needed. This, limited our sailing times and passages, to a maximum of 4 hour sailing everywhere we went. Luis is heavy and Giulietta would get tired of holding him after 1/2 hour. Sometimes he would fall asleep and we could move....

Its the best thing in the World to cruise (for short periods of time, as I don't agree doing circum's with children and dogs, but that's another story), with your kids, and CD is right its very is also very tiring and requires 100% of your time...

The sunset dream never happen...(or lasts 5 minutes) you need to dedicate your time to the boat, the wife, the weather, AND the big is one's attention span, before an accident happens??

I was happy as a dad can be for spending the month with the kids, but with Luis on board...I was at the limit of my mental and physical will change when he grows up...but by will be something different...

There will allways be something between you and the "sunset" dream...I just thank God its my kids....
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