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Originally Posted by Giulietta View Post
Upsidedowner...please allow me.

As usual, when you use Wikipedia as your main "reliable" "information" source, you show you know much about anything as the next man...a typical case of open mouth, insert wrong you are, so take your sarcasm an insert in the back hole...ignorance is not a bliss, and you lost a good opportunity to say nothing.....

For your information, (if you want), because if you insist on throwing me wikipedia facts I desist this argument right now.

The tomato as you know it now, the red thing, was not the first tomato to arrive in Europe.

In fact the first tomato that arrived in Europe was not the red species you know, but the green one that originated from Pre-Colombian times and was spread as far as Mexico. (it arrived with the Chocolate, corn, potato, avocado, beans, etc.).

Since it turned yellow soon, it was named "pomodoro", which means "gold apple" in italian, and as a matter of fact they still use that name today. OK?

The tomato was considered for many years a poisonous fruit, (because it looked like the red berries Mandragora, if you don't know what it is go to your dear wikipedia again, and pretend to be knowlageble again....), and was only used as an ornamental fruit!!!!!!!......and the red species only arrived in Europe 30 years after the green species.

It was brought by the Spanish, in the first expeditions in the early XVI Century (and I said early) but was not eaten until much later.

It was not referenced in culinary books, because IT WAS NOT CONSIDERED A EATABLE ITEM!!!!!!! (so wikipedia under another name will you??) it arrived in 1554, to be more precise, and was in Malta as an ornament. Thus during the siege, it was not given much importance by the it now?????

During the great siege, (and as a free foot note, for you information, also, the Grand Masters of the Order of St. John, in Malta, were either Portuguese or Spanish, and if you don't believe check your dearest wikipedia), they ate it, because they had nothing else to eat....

It is from this episode that the tomato as a poisonous fruit was dismistified!!!

Now...please, save me from smart ass inaccurate sarcasm....go back to the start box and do not collect the money.....

Sometimes, when we have nothing good to say, its better say nothing, than to prove what little we know....

Now...the originates in Andalucia, and hence the name...

But in Alentejo and Algarve there is also gaspacho. It has bread and eggs in it.

Over here, in old Europe we learn history in school, not from wikipedia or web pages.

So...I presume Andalucia is part of Portugal ?

Now would I ever use sarcasm against you old friend ? Heaven forfend.

BTW, I wasn't disputing the fact that the tomato had made it to Malta, just expressing surprise as to how quickly it got there.

Personally I spurn Wikipedia. We get our history from the backs of sweet wrappers and our sex education from toilet doors. (I do wish there was a smiley for blowing kisses.)

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.
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