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Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
What might ask, what are you pretending TO know?[g]

The auto industry is in the process of shifting and collapsing, nothing has actually changed and come out anew yet. Cheaper players (like the Japanese, subsidized by their government) have taken large market share--but the US players have yet to make any real significant long-term changes.

Ditto the rail industry, which simply was decimated by airlines in the US, and still has never recovered much less regrouped from it. What we've got left are Amtrak passenger rail runs--which take twice as long as they did 50 years ago, and cost more than the airlines do, and Amtrak may yet be shut down and terminated as a failure by Congress and their failure to become independent and profitable.

Then there's the deregulated aviation industry, where safety is measured in "costs per death payment" rather than 'safety", and except for the government bailout after 9/11, we'd have seen United and American both driven into bankruptcy by $50-100 BILLION dollars in claims, and their route probably sold to ElAl and Air India, both of which have security policies which would have prevented 9/11 entirely.

Healthcare? Yeah, the prices are going up, the providers (what used to be called "doctors") are going broke, the subscribers are getting screwed, the executives are making huge money--and the state and federal regulators ignore it all. Watch for an NBC-TV national report by Brian Williams in another week or two, highlighting the way that Medicare abuse reports are being ignored by city, county, state, federal, FBI, Medicare, agencies at all levels. Ignored--instead of being investigated. There's some big time ineptness (or corruption) going on.

Changing the rules? Sorry, my friend, it will take a revolution, and we've all been taught in school that good little droids don't do that.
You are right on a lot of points.

When I said auto industry I simply meant that they got priced out of their own market in the 70's and have never recovered.

The railway industry was the premier industry and it collapsed under changing market demands and also it's own hubris.

And of course, hubris, I mean don't you just feel it in the air when you go to the hospital ? Didn't used to be like that. I remember when I was young and worked at a hospital people were kind, my grandmother worked there, the nurses sat with patients and talked to them, etc. Now you walk in and the equipment is better, true, but you are just a number, nobody even talks to you, you are attended not by nurses but instead by little beepy things that are all tied to some central CPU somewhere etc.

The best thing about the arrogance of the medical establishment is that it's found a true voice in the show "House" lol, because that jackass is exactly what we all think doctors are like these days.

What are you pretending not to know ?

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