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With all do respect Wiseleyb single-handing is not even close to to being ďone of the more dangerous things you can do.Ē The death rate is much higher in many other activities.

Large ships donít want to have problems anymore then anyone else does. I know a lot of people in that industry and have been on ships during operations and found all that I have been on to be very professional and well run. Accidents do happen and if a ship runs down a yacht at night when the yacht isnít light up in any way how can you blame the lookouts on the ship? You canít see whatís invisible. Besides ships operate in well marked traffic lanes so you know what areas to avoid but the ships maintain a watch so they donít hit one of their own. They are much more likely to have a near miss between ships because after all they travel together.
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Never design a boat that is weaker then the mast

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