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Ok, this is my "fuse panel" with the copper strips for the hot and ground wires to be attached too. I am not sure but it may be plated of covered with something else.

This is my "plesiglass panel" as you can see. The two on the right are coming from my battery and the others go to my fuse/ bilge pump/ VHF.

The wiring in the boat may be the original wiring for all I know but is it some sort of "lampcord" looking wire. With the earth and hot wires connected together with the rubber coating.

Originally posted by SEMIJim: (not sure how to do that correctly)
Why do you need four separate screws? It would be convenient, but it's not necessary. Ground is ground is ground. Use good ring terminals, properly crimped, and put 'em all on the same ground point. I wouldn't splice unless I had to.
Could you more explain what you mean by this. Its not totally clear to me how I am suposed to ground more than one thing to my control panel.

Thanks Yall, what great help!
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