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Originally Posted by Giulietta View Post

Thanks for the feed back, it was clever.

re my enthusiasm:

I don't have any enthusiasm, because I am soooo tired of sailing....I am forced to do this by my wife, its really boring. I wanted to be a baker, but she says noooo, you keep sailing that boat, boy....I want to go sailing...she is all the time pushing can't to me, talking about sailing is very boring. Besides, its confusing...all those lines and ropes, I really hate it. I am happy you one understands me.

re my rigging:

Look man, I salvaged my rig from a 1950's boat that a guy in my marina did not want anymore, so beggers can't be chosers. You know what I mean, right?
Apparentely he had made that mast from an old telephone post, you know the old aluminium ones made right after WWII, but it was too short, so he glued the lower part of an old soccer stadium light pole and made that mast. I really need the cuninngham to kinda keep the mast from folding at the juction of the two parts. I am glad you noticed that, because no one here saw that. Thanks for keeping a good eye! you certainly have the heart and the eye of an old salty sailor.Thanks If it wasn't for the cuninngham, the whole crap would fall appart.Thanks again.

Re my old sail:

Again, when my boat was designed by Macgreggor, in 1932, Mac back then was owned by Catalina, and the design of my boat was from a series of hulls that were all painted black inside you believe this? Black!!

Anyway, the original sail was lost in 1978, and I got the present sail from a friend that had a sail made from a frigate dated from the 1901. So the sail is what it is, a piece of crap, but hey, for $300 what do you expect?

I am now thinking about buying a new sail, but the guy wants almost $500 for it, so I need to rig a cunningham to be able to sail.

My favorite boats are catamarans and other multihulls, I see you are a hard multi hull sailor and have a real eye for this sailing thing.

I wish I could stop doing this.

Keep up the good work you real sailor you!! Its people like you that inspire me, and hope one day I can buy a real boat.

Thanks once again friend!

Giu has a friend!!! That's one!!!!

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