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Originally Posted by TrueBlue View Post
With most US "average" colleges, not ivy-league mind you, $50,000-$80,000 per kid is common for a 4 year degree. We put two through college, our daughter wasting much of daddy's money in the first four years to have fun - she continued in and out for years and is changing curriculums again. Daddy is not pleased.

At a point, Daddy has no choice but to cut them off - or retirement plans need some major adjustment. My son's decided to go back for his masters - he's taking out a loan.
Good Lord...that is legalized have to pay for education, that will make your Country grow, is ridiculous.

I knew you had to pay, but thought it was $20.000 only.

by the it works like this...

its free as long as you attend (no absentism, less than 6 classes missed per trimester, per subject), or you're out because you are taking the space of another student.

Its free as long as you have good grades, you keep over...get Daddy to pay a private university, whose degree is **** and only if there are no more Public Univeristy applicants for a job they go for the private universities.

Like Doctors and Hospitals. The good ones are in the public hospitals, the bad one go private, unless you are really really good.

Well, its not exactly free, it comes of my taxes, but even if I don't work and pay taxes the kids get free education.

My sons are in private Chatolic schools, that are run like public, but entry is only by appointment, exam and special application, and grades have to be above 70% to stay in the school. Its the best school in the country, its owned by the Vatican. It only costs me 2000 Euros a year, that I get back from the governement each year when I do my taxes.
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