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A Philoshopical Question

From all my reading, on the net and in books, I seem to have come to one basic decision before buying my boat/home. Do I pragmatically buy a boat suited to coastal/inland cruising and possibly forego "real" bluewater cruising? Or buy one that can go anywhere, knowing it is unlikely I will, and less suited to what I most probably will use it for?

I know it is a question only I can answer, but the thoughts of those who have "been there" and those that would like to be, seem to be appropriate to making such a major decision.

I will be 57 when I retire and buy my boat, and at this point, expect to be singlehanding (though who knows what may happen in 4 yrs). And with only lake experience at this time, feel it would take 2 or 3 yrs to feel profiecent enough to venture into major bluewater cruising, solo, if I should decide to do that.

It seems though, that one could easily spend 20 yrs, just sailing around the coasts, inland, and the Carribean without worrying about it getting stale.

As I will be retired, the only consideration for time and/or performance, will be weather. No need to be any certain place at any certain time. And my "style" of sailing, I can best describe as lazy. No rush, no stress, just being on the water. When I drive, it''s to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible. When I sail, it''s just to sail.

So there''s my conundrum. Spend more than I need to for more boat than I will probably need, or spend less and have more to keep me going? For, unless I fall into a super deal, my comparsion pricing, seems to indicate that is the choice. (My budget for the boat and any repairs/upgrades at this time is $50,000)

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