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Electrical Upgrade

Tony -

I wouldn''t take my posting as a "description of how to set up shore power" or anything else. No - I didn''t go into cross polarization protection in my post but than again I didn''t go into circuit set up or proper grounding either.

Properly installing an electrical system is a somewhat complicated thing to do - but by no means beyond the capability of someone with little electrical experience when they have access to knowledgeable parties and a desire to learn.

I''m sure you had a top rate electrical system put in for $7,200. I''m also sure you had a reason for paying an electrician that amount of money to do the install. I just hope the reason wasn''t that you thought doing the work yourself was beyond you.

I agree the ABYC code is important. I just think emphasis on the Code as the first step in designing a system is as relevant as emphasis on Coast Guard regs as a first step when learning to sail. Important - yes. Main focus - no.

A properly designed electrical system - one with input/assistance from marine electrical systems experts - will be designed with ABYC standards in mind. That having been done - and appropriate equipment purchased (marine pannels,etc. - which are compliant)the installer must make sure his/her wiring is up to code. And that pretty much comes down to appropriate guage wiring for the loads, coloring, and connections.

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