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I am very satisfied with my inflatable’s made by Eastern Aero Marine (one of the largest builders of rafts, evacuation slides and life vests for the aviation industry). If I have one complaint, it would be that they inflate far too easily! I have inadvertently snagged the inflation tab with the wheel while going around Pt. Conception and have them automatically inflate on two different occasions by boarding waves. I now disable the auto feature if I’m racing as forepeak. They have 35# of reserve buoyancy and an integral harness. Another nice feature is they have sewn in pockets that are handy places for pen flashlights, whistles and whatever. I attach my strobe to the manual inflation tube so it is both handy and out of the way when the vest is closed up. I have augmented mine with a crotch strap more to keep the vest in place during the MOB recovery phase as you tend to grab the tether to haul somebody in. I have found that you want the chest strap snug, not tight as the inflated chambers will cinch up the entire rig. The vest was on tight for my first accidental inflation and I almost took a knife to it as it was too tight around the neck and choking me.

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