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Stupid Sailor Tricks

Along Duanes note,I thought maybe we could share some of the funny,crazy stuff that has happened to us at one time or another during the on-the-water extravaganza we call "Sailing." Here''s one that sticks out in my mind like a second day hang-over. We were on the island of Mykonos,stuck in the harbor because of Force 7-8 Meltemi winds.The harbor was laid out in an "L" pattern, with our chartered 45ft.boat being on the short end of the "L".Several boats had dropped anchor across our anchor line,and our anchor was dug in good.We couldn''t motor forward to break her out.But in Greece,they tell you "it''s no problem!"After being on the island for several days,we were anxious to move on.The wind let up to a slight hurricane force,so we decided to make a go of it. Problem was getting all those other anchor lines off of ours, so that we could pull ours up.Madness set in due to the desire to leave.We came up with a plan.We took the bitter end of the all chain anchor rode loose from the boat,removed the outboard off the dink to lighten weight,piled the remaining anchor chain into the dink,and proceeded to worm our way underneath the bows/anchor lines of boats moored to the long side of the "L".If we could get to our anchor,we planned to pull the beast up,and return to the boat with it.As we would go underneath each anchor line with the dink,we would toss the dinks painter to someone aboard the docked boats.These sailors were French,Germans,Italians,etc.By this point, we''re the "show" for the day and everyone was watching the procedure with the dinks painter.Everything was going great until we threw it to an Italian. The idiot through it back to us! Remember, the wind is blowing like crazy,which without us being attached to something, starts to blow us across the harbor.My buddy was busy cussing the Italian while I was frantically trying to re-coil the painter for a good Roy Rogers attempt at lassoing another boat bow before we driftout to sea. It was to late.Luckily we drifted across the harbor towards where there were some waterfront Cafes. We worked our way through the anchored fishing boats while the locals drank their morning expresso and took in the free show. Man, I never want to go to Italy! ha!ha!ha!
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