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Originally Posted by flicker View Post
SEMIJim: Thank you but you're a bit late, another poster kindly helped me find the New Thread icon. (It was not prominent.)
You're welcome.

Originally Posted by flicker View Post
And as to your remark, 'simply including the words "cruising," "liquid" and "sail" in a post doesn't magically make the subject on-topic for a sub-forum that clearly states "sailing related"', are you joking?
No, I was not.

Originally Posted by flicker View Post
The subject of financing one's cruising is ...
By your "logic," any question or issue one might care to raise, just so long as it somehow resulted in some potential impact on sailing, no matter how circuitous or tortured the route, would qualify as "sailing related." Thus, since my family may well fall w/in that U.S. income tax black hole known as the "Alternative Minimum Tax," and getting nailed by that would definitely have a deleterious effect on our sailing plans, I could start a thread here in "General Discussion (sailing related)" about that and be on-topic, right?

Or, and here's a good one, sure to create quite a thread: The U.S. Congress has just passed a new law, stiffening firearms purchase background checks requirements in order to try to prevent nutjobs like the guy at Virginia Tech from getting firearms. It's on President Bush's desk for his signature right now. Since my work is stressful, which could result in me seeking psychological counseling at any time, this law could potentially impact my ability to obtain firearms with which to protect out boat, my family and myself in our future cruising activities. (Dunno if there are any pirates on the Great Lakes, but you can never be too careful, I always say.)

I'm sure if I worked at it a bit, I could come up with no end of "sailing related" topics like those.

(Right now I'm trying to figure out some way of tying Stephan Grant's murder trial to sailing. With enough time, I'm sure I'll get it. [This is fun. Kind of like playing "six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon."])

Originally Posted by flicker View Post
So instead of using your cruising knowledge to help me reach my cruising goal by answering my question, you chose to nit-pick and get snarky over whether my question was "sailing-related".
Snarky? I haven't gotten snarky, yet. Believe me: If I get snarky, you'll know it But, given the season, there just ain't any snarky in me. Instead...

Merry Christmas, flicker.

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