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I'm going to take a contrarian view here. (no surprise,eh?)
Reviving old threads is an excellent idea. It just depends on which old thread you revive.
Reviving a thread on the purchase of a 27' boat in the Groton, Conn. area for the upcoming season, that's five years old, is pointless. Yet, it is exactly that practise which happens and frustrates us all the most.
On the other hand, if you're interested in a Seaswing or Force10 single burner gimballed stove for making coffee, it makes far more sense to read, and perhaps revive, the thread on those stoves. As with those stoves, most of what we discuss has really not changed that much in the time that sailnet has been extant. What's new in the world of knots, hitches, and bends that cannot reasonably be appended to an older thread on the same subject? Instead, what we end up with are twenty post threads on a subject over a one week period, only to see the same exact subject come up two weeks later in a brand new thread.

Newbies, and God bless the fresh air they bring, should search the articles and existing threads for answers first. They're much more likely to get better, more accurate information than by posting a new thread and relying on a two person response at 3 a.m.. Further questions, in an existing thread, serve to answer questions that others may have been unsure about as well. There is no baseline knowledge requirement for membership in sailnet, nor should there be, and continuity and development of threads is what makes knowledge most available to all levels of sailors.

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