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Pete, I single hand a lot, specially when I am on vacation or with the kids&family , and sometimes have a crew of 10.

I have an assy that is installed on a bow sprit for racing, and have another one that is simply attached to the bow for when I sail alone. They are different beasts all together. I also have 2 sym spis, and only recentely I managed to set one (the smaller one) alone. It was hair raising.

I agree with Jeff, but if you can't prevent the problem don't search it...meaning, if you can't keep yourself out of the tangle, don't do it.

When I sail alone, I have what my son calls the "parking brake".

On the clew shackle (that should be lead thru a block on the bow so you can raise and lower the clew for sail draft control), I have a second line that allows the quick release of the shackle, then to bring the sail in, you pull on the sheet, behind the main, as you release the halyard.

These things all have methodology and principle of operation.

Getting in a mess is because one lacks the control of the things, or doesn't quite master the procedures and techniques, or if caused by weather, because one does not know what should be done.

I have had many many broaches, and hairy situations in my life, I never ever had an assy tangle on me.

Quantum is extremely good, and so is UK, NS from me, not for a while, thanks.

Doyle, they were very nice to me once.
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