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The oil was new, and the likelihood of getting an accurate indication of the engine condition from a lube analysis was quite low.
So, was the oil new before or after the sea trial, before or after the fuel filter change. If before the seatrial, and there was damage, the scoring (chromium, rust, all sorts of bad things) would have shown up after 10-15 minutes of operation. I just have no idea of a succinct timeline here.

Oil was new at the sea trial? did it make the noises at the sea trial? I'm trying to asctertain WHEN the first time this bad stuff happend.

So the engine rpm is lower with the turbo.

maybe I missed something but with the turbo'd engine, would it be within the operating efficiency range of the turbo engine?

I would expect that there would be less heat generated.
actually, no, exhaust temp will be the same OR higher, plus the added cast iron side of the turbo acts as a nice round griddle in your engine room, just heating everything up nice and toasty.

yes, of course you can insulate, then all those hotter exhaust gases just go down stream a bit further.

maybe I need to state this again.
a turbo'd engine has no place in a sailboat. (unless its VERY large, like those 100 ft beheamoths)

here are just some off the top of my head reasons. (in addition to the above)
diesels love to, need to be run at operating temps to be efficient, and for long life. Motoring off a ball out of the bay for 15 - 30 minutes ain't gunna cut it. Add a coke producing turbo to the mix and you're asking for trouble in the turbo bearings, oil turning to tar in the area of the separator bearing, sludging up the works.

turbo "lag"- you WILL have a 1-3 second delay in turbo wind up, this could prove dicey when motoring in close quarters.

but hey, this post might be pointless, an its your money, do what you want.

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