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You cannot use one of those drier things in too humid an environment, because it will only ever pull out the amount of moisture that is more then the surrounding atmosphere is carrying.
Also, the hot driers such as the one you describe are fast, but rob food of a lot of its flavours and boil off many natural preservative volatile oils/fats, long before all the water goes away. Fruits and vegetables don't have them, so it is no loss, but meats do and you are sacrificing quality for convenience.

Jerky done at room tempreture with a strong airflow is way better then trying to raise the heat to fight the humidity. You end p sort of steaming the food to death, rather then drying it.

The smoing suggestion was excellent, but I like using a small electric hotplate or electric frypan to heat the woodchips...much more control.

General rule of thumb, if you want lots of intense flavour transfer quickly because you are "cooking in smoke" instead of pure smoking, then small wood chips (sawdust) are you friend. If you want to take three days to smoke something then you go for the larger half-fist sized wood chips. You can also do a mix, putting in the large chips and getting them going, and then adding a handfull of sawdust to turbo-boost the smoke (I tend to do this when I open the door and rotate things around on their racks, Because a lot of the smoke gets out while I am doing it, I just toss in a handfull of sawdust into the chips, and five seocnds later...Lots of smoke again)

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