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Originally Posted by brak View Post
It is 560 miles by ICW and I'd rather the boat will be motored inside. It took me 8 days of motoring and can perhaps be shortened by a day with really good planning and good weather, but not much more due to bridge schedules etc.

I found that professional captains want $300-$500 a day and very liberal expenses, (one told me "he likes to eat out when at a marina" - i.e. I have to pay his restaurant tab, in addition to provisioning and marina costs, every day!). Still, if I could throw $4000 on boat transportation - I would gladly do so without posting here. However, I cannot - so that is out of question. On the other hand, if I had time on my hands - I would gladly deliver a boat for someone for about as much as I am offering (and I would not mind trusting my boat to someone like me ). The only limiting factor would be that person's experience has to be acceptable to my insurance company. I do expect a person to have good boating experience, especially in that part of the country. I would prefer someone who has USCG license. I don't mind that person is a relative novice.

BTW, $100-$150 a day is generally what one would pay for a captain when chartering a boat in the islands (or at least this is what Moorings and Sunsail had on their price list it was last time I was there, 2 years ago)
Brak, I hold an 100 ton Master's of Oceans. I made my living for 10 years delivering boats up and the East Coast. $300 to $500 an day is not outrageous. I charged $450 the first day and $300 a day or any part of a day thereafter. Just so you know It cost me $50 to $75 a day just to pay pay for my liability insurance based on the value of the boat. I am sure you want Your Capt. insured. Crew was $75 a day and all three of us got $25 a day meal allowance. Travel expense were taken care of by the boat owner.
Considering the time involved and the financial returns I very rarely will do deliver"s now. Has to be the right boat and the right owner.

I got an phone call the summer of 2006, by an new owner who wanted an boat moved just 20 miles. I was recommend by his surveyor. As soon as I told him my price, He told me I was out of my mind. He hired the cheapest bidder. The "Capt." run the boat up and onto and over an channel marker. Bent shaft, lost rudder not sure what else more. But his Capt. turned out to inexperienced and not insured. An year went by I got another call this time from the boat owner's insurance co. to testify as their expert witness as they were trying to recover damages from the "Capt" the wreaked the boat. I told the attorney My rate is $450 the first day $300 any day thereafter. He told me I am out of mind, that I am cheep!

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