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Originally Posted by Perithead View Post
Well, I guess both interior and exterior.

What I mean I can I take a regualr bulb out and just pop in one of the LED replacement bulbs?

Why would you DEFINATELY not want LED for interior lights? Would the low voltage not outweigh the non warm feeling? WHat is that warm feeling you are talking about, I guess I have not noticed it.......

Does the LED light really atract more bugs than a normal light?
Exterior - Go for it but use USCG approves lamps only.

Interior - Colour Temperature is measured in Kelvins. Standard GLS is around 2700k , daylight is up around 3600k but can be even whiter.

The warm inner glow comes naturally. If you don't see it then you need to spend more time in church. (just kidding) Havn't you ever noticed how a candle or an open fire is so much easier on the eyes than a fluroescent lamp ? That's what I'm talking about. I don't give a damn about burning a tidge more electricity if it means I feel more comfortable when I need to use artificial light. Many people don't feel this way I guess but I would rather be scrupulous about turning off unwanted lights than have to endure fluorescent or LED down below or for personal light in the cockpit.

That said, we do have two lighting circuits onboard, one for general use is incandescent, the other for when we just need lots of light is fluorescent. I also intend fitting red footlights in the cabin and cockpit for moving about when one of the crew is alseep and they will be LED.

SD, explained the bugs. Non incandescent lightsources often have 'blue' in them, particularly fluorescent and led. It's that which attracts the bugs.

And yes, there are 12v LED lamps that simply replace existing halogen or incandescent lamps and require no rewiring or additional control gear. This is, as I said before, subject to your lights having suitable lampholders. If they don't, replacing the lampholders is a piece of marsupial urine.

ps - given how fast led technology is developing all this will have probably changed by this time next year.

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