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This is not personal., Never has been. Won't be. I don't know you, nor do I care. This is about the decision to buy a motor over the 'net with little knowledge and the resultant whining about the purchase.

"It's funny.. your more pissed off at me for talking about this stuff than I am at people who took me for 1400 dollars for an under powered engine."

No, what chaps me is within the myriad of complaints you have blamed everyone from the dealer to the government for this fiasco, except yourself. YOU made the decision, YOU pulled out your credit card and bought it over the net...

Perhaps, just maybe, I dunno, but if I had no earthly clue as to what I was doing, I'd go to a brick and mortar and ASK!
No, I'm not the owner of a failed store. But I know if i was going to buy a bowling ball, I'd go into a proshop or the lanes... I wouldn't google the hell out of bowling balls and buy one. If I did, and it didn't work for ME, I wouldn't complain that the ball wasn't round, or it was too small, or too heavy. or that I can't get my local proshop to fix it for me.
That, my good man is what you have done.

I'm not pissed off about you talking about this stuff.
What chaps my butt is that you complain about standardized tests that do seem good enough for everyone else in the real world to use and accept.. except you.

What chaps my butt is when you didn't get the answers that you wanted to justify your purpose for the motor its... oh my god, its a conspiracy. Yup, they're all out to screw you out of your 1400.00. They're at the club right now laughing at you, can't you hear them?

"The size of the boat and the resistance it feels does control how fast it will go for a given power but the prop only interacts against the water. It doesn't care if the boat is moving through the water or the water is moving past a stationary boat/prop. Have you ever heard of wind tunnels? Or tank testing boat hulls? same principle."

Unless you've got a Cray, those math calcs based on water molecule size and the deltas that just the tank, hull model and prop config. are going to induce are going to be a bear. I'm not even going to ask your esteemed opinion as to how one would be able to differenciate between the figures for say a motor with a flat bottom before it and a modified vee... 'cuz it would make a difference, in a tank, or on a lake. Maybe we should just use the motor without a hull in front of it and measure the rooster tail. What prop should we use hmmm? face it, your arguments don't wash.

"It wouldn't be that hard for the manufacture to publish data on each engine with each prop against a water speed vs engine rpm chart so that people would know that with this engine with the lowest pitch prop if your hull speed is such and such this is how the engine would perform

Oh, I'm going to go way out on a limb here and mention that for the merc 225 outboard, there are no less than 8 prop sizes, 6 of those sizes can be made from 3 different materials. Add in there that there are another 4 companies with both 3 and 4 blade props. Whose do you want to test?

Look around you before you make that kind of statement.
Merc make 30 different outboards, OMC 23, Nissan 13, Suzuki 16.

There is more than one boat, more than a couple of props, more than one motor in the water. Maybe they should just do it for your motor. That wouldn't be too much to ask would it? How many (shudder the thought) power boat companies measure hull speed? the calcs there don't work. I don't even want to start on sterndrives.

As far as questioning, ummm, thats what I do for a living. I accept almost nothing about what I'm told about a boat until I see it with my own eyes.

This is not personal. I am easily bored. Bored with people that no matter what they're told have to find out sometimes the hard way that they are responsible for their own actions.

What really chaps my butt is you're still not all that learned about outboards, and you're STILL wanked off about YOUR decision to purchase this particular motor.

lol.. where is the line between whining and a legitimate complaint. I would hate to have you in a position that I would have to bring any kind of legitimate grievance to you.

Bring one and I'll give it a go. key words... "legitimate grievance"
lets see, the dealers, the service centers, the credit card company... and me... rejected your grievance... hmmm, we must ALL be in cahoots. Next round on me boys, lets spend the profits!
Whiners still piss me off.

We are not primarily on earth to see through one another, but to see one another through

Some people are like slinkies: not really good for anything... but you can't help laughing when you push them down the stairs

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