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Liveaboard: state of mind

Ahoy Reid!

You are 100% correct and I would have to agree with you that living aboard is a state of mind. Truthfully, I have not lived aboard (yet)... but I did spend nearly a year living in my VW camper bus and loved every minute of it. Too bad I ran the poor thing to death and finally it just died. I''d probably still be in it had I the money to keep it running. But even then, I was looking to the waves as my next residence...

About 10 years ago, I started toying with the idea of living aboard a boat for a few reasons. 1) my love of the water. I have always been around the water since I grew up in Wood River, Illinois which is on the Mississippi River. 2) I was led to believe it would be "cheaper" than buying a house, property taxes, etc.

Actually, back in 1989, I came across a book called, "Privacy: How to Get it; How to Enjoy it." It was a cool book and it talked about many different lifestyles... living aboard was merely one way to "drop out" of society.

Like most people, I have "issues" concerning the missappropriations of tax funds and am trying to do all I can to drop out of this society. That may sound like being an unpatriotic rebel, but truth is, I am tired of giving my hard earned tax dollar to Uncle Sam and having his spend it on things I don''t agree with. (Of course, no one likes paying taxes and living aboard will not completely solve that problem anyway... but that was a cool book and made ya think of alternative lifestyles).

OK, I''m ramblin'' now. I had better log off for the night. Take care!

PS: Yes, 4Knots... I would agree with you too... Living aboard would be preferrable to being tied down to a house in the terrorist scenario... Mobile is better! That Privacy book I mentioned earlier talks greatly about being prepared for anything!

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