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At last years show in Philly, I took my girlfriend to see some boats. She had no idea, but she always made comments about boats based only on size. "Oh, that looks nice" pointing at a 30 something Hunter, just because it was bigger than my boat. I too wanted to look around on them to see how they had advanced. I had been on countless Hunters when I was buying, but I had only been on older ones and was curious about the new.

The new Hunters are way nicer than old Hunters, but they are still Hunters. They make fine bay boats, and thats great if thats what you want. The interior screamed cheap to me though. Flourecent lights everywhere casting that hospital feel, the wood looked like particle board, and those glass halfwalls over the sink...... not for me. My girlfriend learned that size doesn't equal quality that day, something I had apparently failed to show her otherwise

I don't know if they were in Chi, but I thought the Hake Seaward 26RK was a pretty damn neat boat for what it was. That would make a cool trailerable if you had that much to drop on a trailerable.

The one thing I noticed about all of the boats that I did not like was the door hardware. Every maker has moved to those push button, flush mount door latches, and every boat that I went on had at least one that was inopperable. You either couldn't get the thing to pop out, or it wouldn't push back in and stay there (pop right back out). I think Perko or ABI makes them, but I just don't like em.

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