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Originally Posted by Valiente View Post
I thought they prevented gout. Well, solidarity, brother: I just shovelled 30 cm. of snow off the estate and I decided to add your brandy to mine. Succour is required.

(By way of saying "bucketing down" would've saved me a stiff back in the morning, which is why I'm having a stiff drink tonight.)
There are "cures" but the pills are really nasty andI'm one of those poor souls who suffers some nasty side effects from heavy duty pain killers. I do have a pill that reduces the severity of an attack but they take a day to have full effect. The best way of controlling gout is to make sure you drink lots of water which I usually do. Gout is caused by a build up of Uric acid in the joints, particularly knees and toes, which the water helps flush away but there are a few foodstuffs that aggravate it, in particular the bright green leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Broccoli and the Chinese vegetables such as bok choy, choy sum, and gai lan. An excess of protein is also to be avoided particularly if an attack can be felt coming on.

In my case I'd had a couple of heavy nights on the booze and followed it up yesterday with a lunch that included a great big serving of Gai Lan.

The theory about Red Wine causing gout is piffle. In fact white wine is worse than red but even that is a minor contributor. However alcohol dehydrates and that's where the problem is exacerbated. Other than lots of water the best natural preventative is celery of all things so I'm upping my intake of Bloody Marys. Seriously I take a celery supplement every day but had run out. You know the story, hadn't had an attack in over six months and complacency got the better of me.

Anyway, thanks for your concern but I'll be fine on the morrow.

Chris - I'd like to think that if I was sinking someone would come to my assistance as I would to theirs. What concerns me is this need to keep in touch with shore at all times. My belief is that it's overkill and in fact causes more worry and stress than simply being very conservative in estimating passage times. I mentioned this in my little cruise report from the other week where my mother worked herself up into quite an agitated state because I failed to phone her for a few days. Years back I'd take off for weeks on end without radio (couldn't afford one) or telephone (they didn't exist back then) and she would be fine, but now she freaks out if I don't call despite the fact that I had warned her we would be in an area with no mobile or indeed radio, reception.

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