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Michael, I'm glad you liked our website. Your wife can talk to my wife if it will help. We are quite comfortable on our boat, I can assure you. We just don't have a lot of room to roam around or store things we don't need. And did you know that, In Hawaii they say that you aren't really a cruiser if Lin and Larry Pardee haven't bummed a tow from you?

Sailingdog - very astute. Magazines are in business to make money and subscription fees generally only just barely pay the postage. Operating costs, salaries and profits all come from advertisers. The job of the magazine is to convince you to buy what the advertisers are selling. If you've never bought magazine advertising you may not realize that editorial support is often part of the package. In other words, if Acme boats buys a half page add in Crackerjack Sailor Magazine, chances are that there will also be a favorable article about the new Acme 44 Magnum Supercruiser in the same issue. Ad salesmen will often offer a cover photo and feature article as an inducement to an advertiser to buy a full page or inside cover ad for a number that starts with $ and ending in many zeros. In my former working life I had a good friend in the "Public Relations" department of a major corporation who was paid a lot of $$ to make sure her company's products got favorable treatment from the press.

Magazines, radio and TV of course, movies and even books are infiltrated with subtle and some not so subtle marketing messages to convince you that you need somebody's product. If that weren't enough, they also spend a ton of money on lobbyists to make sure you continue to have access to easy credit so that if you don't have the cash you can still buy the product.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not some anti-corporation hippie. I know who signed the paychecks and where the profits came from that enabled me to retire at 58 (From a job in sales and marketing) I also know that most companies provide products and services that genuinely benefit the public. I'm truly glad that there is a West Marine store down the street. I'm just sayin'.....

That Acme 44 Magnum at $XXX,000.99 won't take you any farther than a Pearson Triton or Albin Vega you can buy for $10,000 or less and will probably have blisters in two years, which the Triton or Vega will not.

Malie ke kai
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