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Amen Cam!!


off shore a sextant.
Multiple GPS's (4) with massive AA battery backups stored in Pelican cases and in the microwave (Faraday Cage) on passage are my choice. They work all the time, in any weather and with great accuracy. Sextants are fun...but they are buggy whips! (We've had this thread folks but feel free to start a new one!)

Answer: That's exactly what I do, although I have only three not four, in fact my GPS's/ VHF's in the case are individually wrapped in foil too. I have not dusted off the sextant in a long, long time but would still bring it for extended off shore work!

I like solar panels and simple battery systems with a battery monitor such as a link 10. I do not like gen sets of any kind including the small Honda's.
I like solar...but would not be without wind if going passive as I've found I can get twice the output on average daily than from a pair of 80 watt ea. panels. As to generators...never had or felt I needed one till my present boat...clearly a luxury...but BOY are they nice to have!! Feel the Honda generators are a good choice for someone with charging needs for a short term cruise or weekend type needs to charge batteries and power stuff.

Meant to say solar/wind

I like roller furling and prefer a main sail with a minimum of three reef points.
Ditto...but Boom Furling main if you can afford it is even better than 3 reef points!

I agree

I don't like electric windlasses. I've fixed far to many thus I now use a manual windlass when and if I ever need it.
I got one to make it easy and quick to raise the main from the cockpit. Can do it by hand if necessary. NO problems experienced (Andersen winch) and a nice if pricey convenience.

There seems to be a huge difference in the longevity factor of halyard and sheet winches when compared to anchor windlasses. Location is perhaps a big player in this factor?

I prefer a dry bilge.
I prefer one too...but the last 2 boats I've owned by design cannot have a totally dry bilge...can't get to it. No big deal.

Answer: Again, I prefer a dry bilge you don't mind one that's why it needs to be about you..

I don't like 5200 or Silicone and use them very, very carefully.
I don't see much need for 5200 either ...but I do use silicone a lot and like it for certain things.

Agreed, I do use silicone more than 5200 but I am very careful how and where I use the silicone.

I don't like exterior teak and I'm far to anal to let it go gray..
I like some teak ad how it makes a boat look and Cetol makes it pretty easy to keep up with it and keep it looking good. If I was anal enough to insist on Varnish....I would have no teak on deck!

If I had to have a boat with teak I'd go back to using Cetol again. I do believe boats can still look good with no teak. Again it's about YOU..

I have davits and like them but NOT in rough weather! They are not however a necessity for me just a luxury.
I just don't like accident waiting to happen. Have had them on two boats and prefer to tow or store dink on deck.
Answer: Properly rigged I've traveled thousands of miles with a dink on the davits in calm weather with ZERO issues. The key word's are "PROPERLY RIGGED" and 95% of the folks I see using davits use them incorrectly. I always store on deck in anything over 4 foot seas or 18+ knots..

I like ST winches and rope clutches but would not go out of my way to convert.
I WOULD go out of my way to convert!

I currently have two non ST's under my dodger, for halyards, and it's not bugged me enough yet to replace them...

I like Gore Stuffing Box Packing & PSS shaft seals.
I don't trust the PSS in distant anchorages. Give me something easily fixed every time.
Answer: Again this is why you must make your decisions. I've now owned four or five boats with PSS's and not had one ounce of trouble. In fact I just replaced the bellows on my current boat and sent the old one back for inspection. At 6 years old and 2800 engine hours (three ditch trips) PSS said the bellows were as good as new! I've also had a traditional hose on a stuffing box fail so PSS's are not the only shaft seal to worry about..

I like a forward facing nav station.
I never use my nav station except for storage. Everything is at the helm except the SSB.
Answer: I like to eat & sit there and use my lap top at night and still be in the conversation with the rest of the cabin not with my back to them. My electronics are also at the helm.. Should have clarified..

I like cockpit cushions but they are not a necessity
They ARE a necessity!!

Answer: My wife says so too..

I like dodgers (won't sail without one) & bimini's (don't want cancer) but they come off in really bad, green water, weather.
I like full cockpit enclosures. Great in cold and bad weather but subject to the same concerns as a bimini in REALLY bad weather.

Answer: Yup we have a full cockpit enclosure too but it's not on my 100% necessary list..

Been using Folgers...
I thought you said you liked COFFEE??

Answer: Folgers is NOT the final answer but we have not yet found the perfect cup of boat Joe and have tried everything...

I HATE showering in the head (mold) and instead have a cockpit mounted wand..
I can't shower in the cockpit...I can't stand the ogling and suggestive remarks from all the females in the anchorage!!

Answer: And that's why I like it???

-Maine Sail / CS-36T

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