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Originally Posted by tdw View Post

What was it the English used to say about you septics during WWII ? Overpaid , over sexed and over here ? Something like that. Actually I think it's fair to say that despite the opposition to the war itself, American servicemen have always received a warm welcome here. Even an old peacenik like me is likely to be out to welcome in visiting US ships and I don't mean with protest banners flying.

ps - I could be absolutely anal about it and remind you that when he commanded Endeavour Cook was but a lieutenant. But I won't.

Thanks again for this thread.
WWII was a bit before my time Plumper but the discription would apply, I think, to all men of soldiering age. I don't know about the overpaid part. It's all relative I suppose. We all greatly appreciated the hospitality BTW.

Yes, Cook was a mere Lieutenant when he commanded Endeavour but, of course was called "Captain" in accordance with tradition. Were you aware that he was not even commissioned, just a warrant officer when he was selected to command the first voyage? He was commissioned because the admiralty needed the man in charge to be an officer. He was later "Made Post" and was a Post Captain when he attended the famous barbeque held by the Hawaiians in his honor at Kealakekua-Kona. The famous Captain Bligh was also a Lieutenant at the nime of the mutiny on the Bounty.

You may also have noticed that Bark Endeavour is not a bark at all. Rather she is ship rigged having square sails on all three masts. Why then is she not called HMS Endeavour? Because a mere Lieutenant could not command a "Ship". Those of us with too much time on their hands may also note that Bounty, also ship rigged, was not HMS Bounty but rather HMAV Bounty. For the same reason.

Malie ke kai

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