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Different Thought


I have friends doing it right now...The Rard family..with twin teenage girls. Below I will post their website you can read about them and even email them and ask them some questions.

This is a family from my church, and they are very nice people. They are in Australia right now....As you read you will see the girls are not missing a thing but gaining and giving to others so much more then most.

I have 3 teenage girls...all home schooled from day one..this is the first year my wife decided to try something a little different ( we dont have Guinness IQ's ) and entered them into a home school CoOp run by our local school district...enrolment is oh, maybe 50 kids. Anyway I have mixed feelings about this but we dont want or kids to peak out scholastically either even though we have them scoring at a 3.5 gpa. They do like the new interaction with the other kids but we have always gotten lots of compliments on how well adjusted and engaging our children have been with out school interaction, I have to say though that they have always been really active in youth group at church and sports which gives them friends.

All of my girls do and have competed in High school and Junior High sports, Soccer, track, volleyball, all the while being home schooled. Two are also in select club soccer, and one in rec soccer. I am only bringing this up because my oldest blew her ACL out the first game of the High School season this past November, and is out of the year now, even in her club play. We still hope to have one go on to collage on a soccer scholarship if she can stay healthy... but this brings me to my point... We/you cant know the out come of your kids futures even with the best intentions... My daughter may never realize a collage scholarship now...or be as confident on the soccer field again, learning that life is a mixed bag of wins and losses...I believe your kids would revel in the new challenges, experiences, conquests and advertises that the cruising life would provide.


I think it would be wise not to sell your home!( or at least downsize and keep a smaller but workable one ) The Rards didn't, It sounds like you have your finances more in control then most ( I for sure ).
Rent the house out and give cruising a 2 year trial. With the option of cutting it short if things dont work out or continuing on.
I also dream of a cruising life someday albeit a little less hardcore then most you read about, keeping a land base to "come home to" when ever we want. I think it is foolhardy for most to sell all and cut the ties unless it has been your way of live before and you know what your up against. I bet you dont have all your retirement investments all in one basket? Why would you put your life all in one basket so to speak? Your not going to recoup all your investment in your cruising endeavor to regain what you had. Maybe half.

Oh.... by the way the Rards were on a 2 year plan then sell the boat...The KIDS..however, now want to keep it and continue...

PS: The Twins post a lot to the web site so make sure you know whos doing the writing...enjoy
The Rards link:

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