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Wow. I guess what I should have said is, "Thanks in advance for taking the time to actually read my post before deciding to respond".

Um, maxcontaz, no. No, I would not be okay with a second hand account. I struggle to find anything in your post that relates to the questions from mine; questions that I bothered to take the time to formulate according to the information I am seeking. I guess if I had posted an enquiry along the lines of, "I am interested in hearing unsubstantiated stories that other people have heard about how all kinds of stuff can go wrong on the Pacific and I would like to hear these stories told from a pedantic yet patronizing perspective which illogically concludes that if someone is asking anything at all, de facto they must be a completely inexperienced and irresponsible person who deserves, and indeed will receive, every malice from the cruel, cruel arms of the sea"...thennnnnn, I guess your reply would fit the bill.

However, considering that you aren't even of the demographic from whom I am seeking firsthand experience, I find it doubly irritating that the water-cooler story you present doesn't even come close to being relevant to the questions I posed:

When did you depart? "the fall" (Ahhh, specific.)
Did you make haste, or take your time? Story makes no mention.
Did you have a particular destination in mind? "Panama Canal" (I can only assume the good 'ole P.C. was not actually their 'destination'.)
How long did it take you to get there? Story makes no mention.
Surprises? Story makes no mention.
Were you happy with your itinerary? Story makes no mention.
Or do you wish you had done differently? Oh, lookee here.. Story makes no mention (One could, I suppose, conclude the answer to this would be a resounding "Yes".)

You do however talk about...let's see...crew selection, seasickness, keels, rigging, sleep deprivation, and jumping ship, all with the happy ending that somebody had "a delightful time" in San Diego but, the real moral of this story being that I need "a few trips around Vancouver Island for practice."
For that.

And YOU CharlieCobra,...You, you, Piggybacker of Irrelevancy, you.

Hey, Jimmyb116, hey, thanks for actually having been somewhere off the North American Pacific Coast, and somewhere south of Vancouver Island, at some point in your life.
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