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Battery Switch

So after reading most of the discussion threads on batteries on this site, I still don''t quite understand how the whole 1-2-Both-Off Battery switch works. I have a 12V Starting Battery (#1), and 2 6V Batteries in series for my House bank (#2). I also have a dual output alternator. Now...if I set the battery switch to "1" before cranking the engine, does that mean my House Bank is off and I''m only using my starting battery? So am I then (after engine successfully started) supposed to put the switch on "2" so that my Starting Battery is off and isolated from the House bank which is now powering all my electronics? And then, given the dual output alternator, should I have the switch set to both when the engine is running so both are charging, or do both batteries always charge with the dual output alternator regardless of the switch setting. Am I making this harder than it needs to be?

I hope my rambling questions makes some sense, and I would really appreciate any help with this. Thanks.
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