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The story he tells matches that one you pointed here. But the one you showed is only half of it.

He gave me the full story. The rescue with tow you mention in that link was his second contact with the CG.

Like I said, he is going to send me several short stories he has to tell and I will post them.

Please note he did not ask anything, I was curious and asked permission to come here and tell which he gave full permisiion.

I am going to tell you what he told me but please note that I am not sure as he told many things and I only retained a don't quote me yet..

He is very very gratefull to the USCG and his words were.."unfortunately I gave them a lot of trouble" they were nice and helped beyond the duty...

He had originally left from another place he spoke about but I forgot, Chesapeake or something....I will confirm later...

He was about 1000 miles into the Atlantic, when his head stay broke. He then tried to keep moving with a makeshift stay, while he repaired the steel cable that he shortened as a fix later.

Because he had a broken structural item, he motored back to the US, but faced heavy strong winds and currents, and ran out of diesel...I don't know how and why...he then stayed adrift for 10 more days, and everyone he saw and spoke to (and he mmentioned seeing many many many tankers ignoring him, and finnaly broke contact with a Chinese tanker that refused to help.

But the Chinese called the CG. A helicopter was sent and he said the heli stayed with him all day hovering around, then a plane relieved the heli and the heli came back later. The CG in the mean time called another tanker which he refers to the "nice" Italian Captain.

The CG launched flares to guide the tanker and finally he docked by the tanker, that gave him diesel.

Unfortunately as each went its own way, 1 hour later his engine stopped.

He found out that the cannisters the tanker gave him had been used to store crude and old oils and that clogged his filters, etc...he was adrift again (by now understand the man is at sea powerless for 2 or 3 weeks now)...

So the CG comes back again, as now he is near the coast and offered to tow him to the mainland Ocean City, where he did repairs and set sail to cross the atlantic.

Its true he had few resources...but that was after being adrift and powerless for a while, for the second time.

I was with him just now...the guy is repairing things in his boat all the time, and seems quite skilllfull.

I will have more stories soon, as he sends them to me.
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