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There is the crux

of the whole mater...

In a lot of cases spouse's dont share the same dream of the cruising life mater what boat they own...This would not be sensible your analogy the woman is the only one who wants to really go...period...The guy just wants to be comfortable with his Dock Condo...

I totally believe in living within your means..but if that means stressing a relationship between spouses over what is and isn't necessary then in my mind Cruising is not the lifestyle for them...

I Have a wife that likes the water and one who is claustrophobic in a small sense...She likes bigger boats..Lucky Me..... as I do too.. just for different reasons...I like the Power, speed, openness .. I have too bad a back to be hunched over and contorted in a small boat all the time..I could go with a smaller boat but I dont want to and it would be painful for me...She could not due to the fact of her tight space phobia... Fortunately we can afford a big boat with no bank or credit holder needed...

I have said this before but will again...If I had a 27' whatever we could not cast of any faster...I still have 3 girls to put through collage ( yes Im paying for it..dont start on me as to why..I just want to.) Yes I could have paid off my house with the same money, but why do that?... Id rather have a boat to play on that my wife wants to be on while were here...

I See every ones situation as different and I cant see how one size fits all works...God has blessed me the ability to make a good living...Im not rich by any means..but pragmatic and determined to have what I want pretty much... It dose take time and discipline..but some times I get the feeling that unless we buy into the "go small go minimal go now" syndrome..I am some how missing out...missing out on what ? a devorse?

I do believe there are people that use the excuse that they need everything just perfect as a secret excuse to never leave ...because deep down they are really just plain scared and dont think they can.

Vega: I am envious of you for one thing...Your health..I would trade a big boat for a small one for that and that alone...

But such is ones lot in life...lets keep an open mind to each others needs and help them achieve their individual goal not our own mandate...

Now which one of you Scallywags on board wants a cold beer from my FRIDGE...He Heee Hee.

Originally Posted by vega1860 View Post
Some people would really rather just live on a big comfortable boat in a marina with shore power for the A/C, and a mast to hang the awnings and satelite dish on. It's not always the female half of the couple either. One lady we knew confided in my wife that she would rather her husband sold the 50 footer in favor of a boat more like ours so they could actually go cruising. The husband wanted to take out a mortgage to buy a bigger boat and more gear. They've lived aboard for probably twenty years but the boat owns them, not the other way around and it's so much hassle to get ready for sea that they never even go for a day sail or inter-island getaway.

He's perfectly content with marina life. She dreams of reaching down the trades for weeks at sea and deserted anchorages in French Polynesia. Every time I think of them I thank my lucky stars that Laura and I share the same dream.

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