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There seem to be two kinds of sailboat owners:
  1. Those who scrape together anything they can save to buy the first boats, spend whatever they can afford (or sometimes not afford) to get things working right, live for their time on the boat on and off the water, then sell and move up to another bigger or nicer boat and repeat.
  2. Those who buy a big, nice, often fancy (but interestingly sometimes not very seaworthy) boat and park it at the marina for entertaining friends or bragging rights.
Being of the first type, I can sympathize with T37Chef. Just look at all the boats with slime at the waterline growing longer each week because there is never any flow past the hull.

On the other hand, there is one advantage to the second kind of sailboat owner, as beautifully demonstrated by an acquaintance from around the yard . He befriended a guy like the Tartan 3500 guy, encouraged him to buy and add lots of nice extras and electronics to the boat, which sat in the marina the entire summer, then after two seasons, when the owner was tired of paying marina/haul out-in, and storage fees, my friend bought the boat from him knowing that everything was in great shape and little used, including the nearly new sails. I guess you'd call that revenge of the boatyard rat....
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