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T37 ?
"There is a nice Tartan 3500 just adjacent to me,...I had tighten the lines up "

I don't understand. Why did you "had" to do anything, unless his boat was going to damage your boat? Yeah, morales, ethics, all that--but that doesn't make "had" to anything, no one was holding a gun to your head. Personally I think you should thank the Tartan owners for their lack of concern, since it will eventually result in fuller employment for someone in the boat repair business, and that's a Very Good Thing for the Economy.

In the meantime, you've helped create ad views on this forum (another good thing for the economy) and--nothing personal here--if you were to consider sleeping pills and several years of twice-weekly psychotherapy to help you get this compulsion resolved--your Tartan neighbors will have REALLY helped the economy.

Or, you can just shrug it off to karma, maybe the boat was very very cruel in its last incarnation, and now the universe is having it beaten up to even things out. (Still good for the economy, and way cheaper than therapy.)
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