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Originally Posted by Giulietta View Post
Oh really?? BS??? what about the others?? huh???

OK read this one..

Back in 1932, I was going around the world for the 5th time that week, in my 152 feet 6 mast triple keel Carbon Iron Kevlar 4 Hull Monohull Trimaran Cat, that time, I was crossing the Horn, in -30 ºF air, when the winds, blowing erratically from the East, at 92 knots and sometimes from the south at 102 knots, ice pellets were the size of Chevrolet cavaliers….. in seas that were at least, 78 feet high, and waves that were on top of each other, yep, that is how near they were in frequency, took me for a small ride...the sea was black, but the skies were blue…the clouds…were not there…..

That morning, after not sleeping for 200 days in a row, I brushed my teeth with haemorrhoid cream, and inserted visine in my butt, wearing nothing but a T-shirt a pair of flip flops and a wooden glove, so I was ready for the Horn….one more time….

I had crossed a tanker that was almost sinking and 5 life rafts form others that were attempting the impossible…but not me….I pushed forward….there I went…the cries of people saying “don’t go!!!!!”….”don’t go!!!!!”…I ignore them….after all I needed something to tell to the folks at sailnet….

At one instance, I was doing 45 knots boat over water speed, which was approximately 120 knots over the ground, when suddenly, my Starboard shrouds were immersed by a wave coming from Port side....that was not a knock down or a broach…no Sir…that was a “Knocroach”…it’s not having the rail in the water….it’s not having the shrouds wet….that was the real deal….I knew my time was coming… mast pointed straight down to the sea bed….the highest mast hit the coral banks 5 times, banging up and down, waking up a gigantic octopus that rolled his 10 legs (yes the famous Horn 10 legger octopus, a vicious killer)…..I realized the disarray in my socks drawer would take me a good 3 months to sort out….

The tool kit open and 200 screws were spilled on my boat’s floor….my paper plates, that I keep for MOB situations, broke in small pieces, due to the impact…..

Suddeenly, thru the thru hull huçll that I had left open, due to my own fault, I saw day light…..I managed to push my way thru the 200 screws, and the socks…and made it to the light….I put my mouth in the hole and took a fresh breath of air….after all I was under water for almost 25 minutes now….my lungs were exploding….

Suddenly, at almost the speed of sound…my keel that had retracted, when the boat was upside down after 5 rolls, miraculously won against the gravity and, went up into the sky…the boat straightened it self……

I could see all gear was on deck, including my dinghy sea ray 200 HP tender, that I had forgotten to tie….I was scared, afraid, but luckily only 3 of my boxer shorts were missing…I had washed them the day before, as I left South Africa, and left them to die in my lazy back mast furling lines…

Suddenly ….

My mast hit the water again, this time rolling over the bow….I saw the wave behind me…It was so big it dried the sea bed…., the hawk that had nested on the top of hit, went down, at least 300 feet under water....and the octopus ate it….bastard…

I was knocked boat spun 4 times around the boa….the ropes were tangled, the shrouds collapsed, the sheets messed up, looked like a fisherman’s one occasion 3 tuna were caught in my sheets........I was holding tight to the tiller, that I use to row my boat…I had carved my nails in the wood…my legs hurt from the force….I held for dear life, so I stopped thinking for a while, decided to majke some bacon and a toast, I only had time to put butter one side....when I was eating it half way, another wave came from the washed me over...I has thrown out of my boat, my life came in front of my eyes, all the while I was hearing a holiwoodesque song...I am sure it was Celine Dion singing Titanic music....

Suddenly, a whale comes by me, and kicks me....I was back on my boat, all this time, I managed to get only my T-shirt wet....

I kept rolling and getting knocked down and broached 32 times more that morning….finally all has an end…and the winds bçlew a nice 60 knots 4 hours later, for only 50 minutes…so I hoisted all sails, and retured home….

That was scary…I have another story that is much worse than this….tell me if want to hear it….I don’t want people to think I am lying or exaggerating……really….

Finally, you can tell a truthfull story. Much more believable than that broken knotmeter you have on your current tub which shows 14kts, or some gargbage.

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