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lazy jacks

I think that your point is well taken about my comment on the Lord Nelson''s. My comment was only intended to illustrate that we all have our own ideas about what works best for each of us or what suits our tastes. It was not intended as a wholesale slam on Lord Nelson''s nor were my comments intended to suggest that I think the Lord Nelsons are inherently "bad boats''.

Just for the record, the reason that I would not own a Lord Nelson on a dare has little to do with the Lord Nelson''s speed or lack there of. My dislike of the Lord Nelsons center more on certain construction and design decisions which I personally consider to be ''deal breakers'' in terms of being unacceptable to me.

I also consider the Lord Nelson''s roll and pitch patterns to be a very uncomfortable pattern to me and one that I personally would never choose to take offshore. This like or dislike of certain roll and pitch patterns is another matter very much subject to opinion and taste.

I would like to explain why I believe that roll or pitch motion comfort is subjective. One of the items that came out of US Navy research on motion sickness is that various individuals tolerate motion in different manners. There are two factors that control motion comfort, 1)speed or accelleration during the roll or pitch cycle and 2) the angle through which the vessel moves. They found that a near equal amount of people who tolerate quicker accelerations really can''t handle large roll or pitch angles and that others can handle large roll or pitch angles but can''t tolerate quicker motions and then there are still other people who can''t tolerate either.

Boats like the Lord Nelsons tend to roll or pitch more slowly but through a wider angle than would be expected in a lighter boat with a lower VCG. To many that slower motion is a more comfortable roll or pitch motion. But many, like myself, personally find these wider roll angles to be a less comfortable roll and pitching motion and at least in my case is one that really grinds me down quickly compared to the slightly quicker motions of a properly designed modern boat. Furthermore, some of the better modern designs not only roll and pitch through narrower angles, but because of their very low vertical center of gravity and carefully designed roll and pitch dampening characteristics also roll and pitch more slowly as well. In fairness, because of their lighter weight these modern designs do tend to have faster heave speeds but comparatively speaking in a general sense heave tends to be an inherently slower motion anyway.

I apologize, that after rereading my comments, it would appear that they could easily be construed to imply that the Lord Nelsons are inherently bad boats. They are not.

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