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Nice try, again, but no cigar. There really IS something about vertical dipoles which sets them apart from most other antennas you can rig on a sailboat. It's not academic; it's well proven both in theory and practice.

Yes, vertical dipoles have been around a long time. Most folks don't use them ashore because they don't have the means to hoist them high enough. And, a sloping end-fed antenna "played against a tower" is not the same thing at all. Nor is an inverted-vee dipole, which has a much higher average vertical angle of radiation.

A sloper, i.e., a sloping dipole is/can be a very effective antenna, too. I have one at my house on 40 meters and if you want to hear it just tune into the WaterWay Net any morning on 7268 at 0800.

As previously stated, DX-ers have discovered vertical dipoles and often prefer them over even yagis for DX-peditions. They like the all-round pattern of radiation and, especially, the very low vertical takeoff angles obtainable.

I certainly agree that any antenna you can rig on a boat is a compromise, and there's enough variation in floating platforms that, as the car manufacturers say, "your mileage will vary".

Still, after playing with antennas on sailboats for the past 35 years or so and after trying just about any type and combination of antenna systems imaginable, and after talking to literally hundreds of vessels on the high seas there's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that a vertical dipole will outperform most any practical antenna you can rig on a seagoing vessel.


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