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Originally Posted by danielgoldberg View Post
Finding time to use a boat for the average person is not so easy. Most people have to work, they have families, they have other commitments/interests. Take the guy who loves boating but has kids. The guy works during the week, so that time is out. His kids play baseball or whatever, so just about every weekend he's at the baseball diamond, soccar field, etc. That guy might love sailing, but his all-too-common circumstances conspire to prevent him from using his boat that much. Don't be so hard on him. He's suffering plenty all on his own. And this example doesn't even contemplate the reluctant spouse or any of the other myriad of factors that plague the average recreational sailor, not to mention that someone might have the gall to want to do something else on a weekend during the summer every now and again.
Once I made the decision to start saving for my first boat I started my research. I read somewhere that there are additional costs and hassles that livaboards have to endure because boating is considered a luxury. Doesn't matter what your use for your boat is.

Pride of ownership shows in how a person treats his belongings, I believe that in general those that work for it, scrimp and save, will maintain their boat in top notch condition as allowed by budget. If you have so much money that you can buy a boat and let it rot dockside, great. But as S.D. pointed out, when your problems encroaches on my space I got a problem. I'd like to think I'll be the guy that helps out by securing that line on my neighbors boat that is coming undone, maybe he/she'll be thankful, maybe not.

I'm with Buckeyesailor, and if we're lucky enough we'll find that great deal from someone who got tired of putting money into his dead dream. BTW, I saw in another post "Which are the crap boats", about abandoned boats in the Central America region, the dead dream boats. Might look into that.
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