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Bluewater boat comparison

Its seems like some of the most popular questions on sailing BB''s is what Blue Water boat should I buy. This question usually has a list of heavy weight boats that would have represented the prototypical blue water cruising boat design concept from the 1930''s or earlier rendered in fiberglass but with less sail area and less stability.

Now, I am not putting anyone down here, and I am not sure that I am even putting this type of boat down, but it seems to me this concept of a ''serious blue water cruiser'' is being way over sold. These lead bobbers represent a real compromise in sailing ability in the kinds of winds that I seem to spend my life sailing in for little gain when things get really hairy.

I know nothing of what the original poster, cfreeman, plans to do with this boat and he may be going to some place where this kind of heavy weapon makes sense, but as I look around me at the massive armament that people payy enormous sums to sail in some pretty tame environments I really have to wonder if something hasn''t gone wrong here.

I don''t know about you but I am far more likely to run into a bad chop than the ultimate wave. I am far more likely to sail in winds under 20 knots than spend a week fighting a gale. Even if I did encounter the ultimate wave or a week of gale, some of the newer lighter designs are actually handling these conditions better than the traditional bruisers.

But ultimately, because the greatest luxury to me is to be able to sail, and not have to spend a lot of time motoring, and the greatest safety is an easily driven hull, I can live with a lot less heft. I can live without a ton or two of tropical hardwoods, or a gen. set, or golf cart batteries number 3,4,5,or 6, or a 20 gal water heater, or air conditioning, or a microwave, or a RIB with an electric start four stroke outboard hung in davits, or a diesel that can push the boat at hull speed up wind in a gale, or a computer driven electronic nav. system (well maybe).

I guess what I am saying is that maybe this guy really needs a "seriuous blue water cruiser" but it seems to me that way to many of these sailing equivilents of a Humvee are being sold to people mearly making a milk run.

End of rant.
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