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Generally speaking, a well designed keel boat cannot be capsized by the wind alone. Breaking wave energy is required to get the boat to "roll." Most keel boats are stable to at least 90 degrees of heel, and your rail probably gets wet at around thirty so no worries! However, when sailing at high angles of heel be sure all hatches and ports are closed so if you get "knocked down" by the wind (roughly 90 degrees over with the sails in the water) your boat will not take on any water before the keel rights her.

You will learn how to control the angle of heel through various sail handling techniques which you will learn over time, and you will also learn at which angles of heel your boat feels comfortable and fast. Sailing her like a wild man, like your neighbor, while maybe not the most prudent in terms of crew comfort and gear wear, will not put you in the drink.

Enjoy!!!! And welcome to Sailnet!
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