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35% seems low... would anyone actually accept that price? Like, I'm looking at a boat that is listed at 18k, which is over my budget. 35% of that price is $6300, does anyone have any experience getting a boat at such a price from a broker under normal circumstances?
Some might, some might not. Each situation is unique. If someone owes money on a boat, then they are usually going to have to sell it for enough to cover the outstanding balance of the loan, or very nearly so.

If the boat is owned outright, and if it has been on the market for a while, the owner may just be willing to sell cheap in order to avoid having to invest the time and money to insure it, maintain it, launch and dock it, etc.

You never know until you try. And you if you are polite about the process, you may get lucky. If you see that a boat has been on the market for a while, contact the owner and explain to them that you don't want to insult them, but you only have X amount of money, and if they ever decide to consider a price like that, you'd be very interested in their boat. (It helps if you butter them up a bit - tell them how well they have maintained the boat, how smart they were for selecting it in the first place, you'll give the boat the best home possible, etc., etc.) They might not end up selling you the boat, but you never know until you try...

But still NEVER buy one without surveying it first.

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