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Thumbs down Visine coctails

Originally Posted by artbyjody View Post
FYI - Visine is worse than EXLAX... Storytime (because well I can and there is a LAS Vegas never to be bet)

I had a COB that after 280 days at sea, he discovered that his wife left him for a woman... This is 1990's (sounds old yeah)... He made the crew miserable.. Fire , flood, UFO drills - you name it - if he couldn't sleep neither could the crew...

This is after 280 days straight at sea no port..

Mind you - cooks are you best friends. They are rumor central, they know the crew, and most importantly they know you...

Said watch - getting coffee - within 5 minutes the COB is relieved of duty and on medical watch. Someone that got POED on his - ahem - I have to take it on the crew - laced his coffee with visine which is and oh my gawd - makes you piss out your arse like faster than a Kentucky derby winner...

Just keep that in mind...
Just fyi, Visine is tetrahydrozaline, a deadly poison. It is covered in "Outdoor Emergency Care". The old bartender trick to get rid of a patron, is dangerous.
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