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No are wrong. Trickle charging on a 12V battery takes place at low AMPS...not low voltage. To get amps to flow into the battery you must be above resting voltge of 12.7...You will see the float setting on regulators for wet cells is at 13.3 Volts. In a trickle charge situation you may only be putting in 1/2 an amp but it will be at 13.3V. Any excess energy is bled off in heat rather than electricity.
Your digital volt readout may indeed be showing 14.1-14.6...but amps will be adjusted to reflect a maximum of 48 watts. The physics are simple:
AMPS times VOLTS= WATTS. You know watts are max whatever volts you are operating at absolutely limits the amps you can input.
The days up by you do get longer in the summer but the sun is lower on the horizon so there is an offset angle there that you must take account of AND atmospheric interference at low angles of incidence REALLY detracts from power. Furthermore...I am talking about averages...and of course you pay for your extended summer sunshine with extended periods of darkness so the average doesn't change anything over time.
Anyway...believe what you want or go read the entire solar wind thread again and the articles that have been cited that delve into this topic with hard data. I have tried to be helpful to you...but believe what you want to. beat me to it. Thanks for the independent verification.

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