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Originally Posted by Plumper View Post
I am not sure I understand why folks can't discuss things even if they have been discussed by others before. You seem to spend a lot of time telling people to go away and read old discussions. Why can't they ask questions and discuss anew? There are only so many things regarding sailing to talk about. That is why magazines print articles about the same things over and over again. That is life. If you have already learned all you can, why don't you just not read the thread? Why do you persist in telling people to read the history when all they really want to do is chat about something interesting?
The thread I referred you to consists of one full year of daily postings on the topic of solar power. There are over 1100 posts within it, some quite useful.

If someone handed you a copy of Bowditch would you ask them to explain what an azimuth was before even cracking open the bible of marine navigation that they've just given you? And it's not like you had to go out and buy it or wait for it to come in the mail. The information is right at your finger-tips.

You'll have noticed that I posted in the GPS/Sextant thread because I thought there was new information of some relevance. I did not bother repeating my past, and lengthy, previous postings on the matter.

Some people seem to thrive on answering the same questions every other week here. I prefer to refer people to far better answers than I can perhaps provide and answers I've found helpful in the past. It's much easier to have that interesting conversation you're talking about if everybody is up to speed on the topic. (as in the recent posts by Cam on new battery technology in a thread whose name I don't have handy)

I tend to think I'd be doing you a disservice by not referring you to that solar thread. Hellosailor has done yeoman service in researching and testing many components and his knowledge, among others, is contained in that thread. You or I may have questions on some of the things in that thread and it'd be nice to think that people like Hellosailor would still be available to answer those points of confusion and not be burnt out on reanswering the same old questions. But that's just my opinion.

btw, a lot of people do not know that there exists a voluminous series of articles, many written by those writers you see in the sailing mags, within sailnet. They're left over from the previous incarnation of sailnet and contain an amazing amount of information. I've spent hours paging through them. You can talk about Fastnet here on sailnet with somebody who's never gotten past the sea-buoy or you can read what John Rousmaniere, who was actually there, has to say about it. Were you aware of their existence?

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