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A Nautical Sense of Humour, You Decide Please!


I''m sorry and I can understand your way of life is probably very nice and you''ve become accustomed to it. But come on, its only been 6 years, its not like your forefathers have been there since the beginning of time.

In no way do I see that they "owe" you. Do they own the marina or is it governmentally owned? Did you have a contract? Did you and they completely comply with the terms and conditions, therein? A contract is a 2 way street and both parties are not bound to it at the end of the term. Not knowing the laws over there, have you tried enlisting a sympathetic barrister or lawyer? As a people we live in a world of laws and people need to abide by them or totally anarchy will ensue. If you feel they are unfair, I say work to change them. This is not Iraq we are talking about.

Have you ever thought that maybe your "ark" is an eyesore and becoming a nuisance to the others in the marina? Thats no reason to expel anyone, but maybe everyone is complaining about your "ark". Maybe your "ark" is becoming a navigational and or environmental hazard, I don''t know. But I do know that in instances such as this there are typically 2 sides to a story and I''d be very interested to hear what the Marina has to say about your existence there. I think there is a lot of peices to this puzzle that are not being told. With them offering that large sum of money, I can''t see them as being totally unreasonable (Hell, I''d LOVE if my marina gave me $20,000 to move my boat!! and I''ve been there longer than 6 years)

One of the best lessons you might teach to your children is that at times life throws you "curve balls" and you have to take them head on, adjust and move on, sometimes to bigger and better places. Yes Don Quixote was valiant, sparring with windmills.....but really where did he end up?
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