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Finally TDWombat sails in Portugal..

Man...what a ride we had today.....started off well, finished in hell...winds and seas were bad on the return home.

As I told you guys before, we were hit for 5 days by a freak strom this week, that even allowed the 1st ever tornadoe to touch Portuguese land...a thing we have never seen....the seas have been very very high and bad and we had 160km/h winds...

The TD has been visiting monuments as we waited the weather to improve a little..this morning..we saw the sun, the winds were around 20 to 22 kts in the I got the Wombat and off we went...

We started of in 18 knots apparent from the 65deg, allowing us to sail a steady 10 knots boat speed, TD reached the 11 knots every now and then, and even called his wife at 11 knots....

We headed for Lisbon, and back, a 35 to 38 mile round trip...the forecasts all said the wind would die in the PM (yeah right).

Unfortunately as the day progressed, so did the wind and on the return home, the wind shifted, the Nortada kicked in earlier and we ended the day runing away from a squall and a hughe black cloud (we beat the cloud as we were heading West and it was moving south), the wind was constant 23 apparent, gusting up to 26 to 28 apparent sometimes a bit more.

The true wind was around 19 to 25 knots seas were very erratic with a lot of white caps in the end. The current was also very strong. Both from the nose, where else...

We ended up reefing once the main, still not enough, reefed the genoa too, still not enough...then I decided no need to punish the boat, and break something, I hate reefing, and am not used to sailing like that, I was not at all confortable with that, and asked TD to head into the wind as I lowerd the sails, besides, we had drifted to dangerously close to the shoals of the coast of Lisbon, where the waves are like a beach...I am not risking nothing.., specially hurting TD and myself, so we did the last 7 miles of the 35 we sailed, under power in heavy heavy winds, as the storm that left us yesterday seemed it was returning. So better safe than sorry...sails down iron sail on and we ran home, for shelter...we docked in those winds and 2 dock men helped keeping my baby safe from impacts...TD was very very handfull.

2 hours after we docked, the wind died completely...we did beat the squall.

TD is a very experienced sailor, with whom it is a pleasure to sail, he is collectd and pays attention and above all he does not do the same mistake twice.

Granted the sailing "vices" and the handling of my boat seems nice and smooth, but when the wind picks up, and she moves, she can bite back..which she did...

As he admited, its not the type of sailing he is used to, and my boat is not exactly a smooth cruiser, but I believe he loved it, for what my boat does and how it sails, which can't be hiden, even bt dodgers and lazy bags..I did love it for sure..and gained another friend...a real friend..

I hope he posts his experience on my boat and can tell you guys what he thinks.

Obrigado Andre!!!!

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