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The dames can't have it both ways. If they want a "Ladies Only" section, then you MUST give them equality by putting up a "Boys Club" section where ladies are banned.

If you--or they--want equality, you can have separate but equal, or equal. But the one thing you cannot and must not do, is give women their own forum, while denying an equal enclave for men only. THAT would be sexist, no matter what the intent.

By the way, there are five human genders (male, female, anfd three hermaphrodite) so if there's a "women only" section, I want to see FOUR MORE sections that are gender specific, to accomodate each of the five natural human genders.

The trannies can argue it out elsewhere.

Meanwhile, I'm pushing for federal legislation to require five different gender bathrooms in all public buildings. I figure I'll make a fortune in plumbing supply stocks once I can get that one through Congress.[vbg]
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