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Guys, quit calling my Admiral ( MMR) "Chuckles" please. She added the 'AdmiralChuckles' to her signature as an act of full disclosure because she thought it was the fair way to play by letting the 'regulars' know who she is. I'd not want her to regret that decision.
We follow the rules as to one person, one login, one login = one person.
Even when I was recently banned I did not log in with her login, nor will she ever log in as me.
I realize it was a mistake when you did so, I just want to be real clear.

As to the question of should the herSailnet be 'female' only. I can't personally think of a sillier thing to do. Does anyone ever come here for half an answer, half an opinion?
Not that there are not many female sailors out there that can sail loops around me (I assure you there are) - but I'd never not listen or ask for input based on gender, why should Sailnet foster and environment that does so?

Besides, I'd think you would have to make a 'men's room' then where the guys can hang out and be no holds barred.
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