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Originally Posted by camaraderie View Post
Arch... what you are saying is TOTALLY impractical on a cruising sailboat. This is so ridiculous I can't even begin to refute it. Tell ya soon as someone crosses the Atlantic or Pacific with their cruising electric motor sailboat and NO diesel...let me know. The FAQ's you reference are a complete joke and lack any substantive information. This is presently smoke and mirrors.
This is really very old news, there isn't anything new being posted or suggested.

Electric motor sailboats have been around since, well, since before diesel engine sailboats. This technology using Pulse Width Modulation is more efficient but has still been around a long time.

And yes people have crossed oceans with this type of drive system. Solomon technologies has been around for years: The longest-distance STI customer we know of - a retired Los Angeles physician - has been at sea for years with a battery-bank-only system and no backup generator. He has successfully sailed the Pacific to Tahiti.

This technology has been used in electric cars for years. They do not get the same regen effect because they cannot get motive power from the wind. If they were to only drive down hill I guess it would be similar.

As for the idea that it is better to have a diesel motor run a generator which then runs an electric motor for power, that is well over 50yrs old and is in common use every day.

I'm not sure why people are not aware of this. It hasn't been a secret. The only problem has been the extra cost of the installation. Like insulating your house it can be hard for some people to understand why it is a good idea but once you look you will notice that lots of people insulate and lots of people (not as many) use electric drives.
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