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Originally Posted by poopdeckpappy View Post
JiffyLube, yes, I'm at the Kona Marina section of kona Kai, we got in here last Oct as LA's, prior to here we were in Dana Point for 14 wife absolutely loves it down do I
My wife loves it too. Heck, we should meet up sometime.

Originally Posted by poopdeckpappy View Post
BTW or FYI San Diego now ties Monterery for 3rd in hot spots for shark attacks on the California coast, Humbolt and Marin are 1st and 2nd respectively,

Humbolt is 12 - 0.... Marin is 11 - 0... both San Diego and Monterery are 10 - 2

Personally I think 10-2 should be #1, but it's not my stats
I must have checked out the same site you did, but I found as going through the stats they conflicted in the odds page...but an attack is an attack. When I said that it would probably be decades before that happened again, I meant to say before someone dies from an attack. I know that there have been non-fatal attacks in San Diego mainly to divers and surfers (although rare), but fatal attacks have been even rarer.

Before this man got killed there has only been news on two others being killed in San Diego that I can remember. One was a male diver off La Jolla around 1959, and the story was that his diving buddy saw him get swallowed by a white shark. Rescue divers went out to the area and tried to find anything to confirm what the buddy diver said, but nothing was found in the area. Something was found 'up current' from the sight which was suppose to belong to the dead diver (I think it was a swim fin and mask), but the story going around at that time was that the divers death was possible a stunt for insurance money...and no body or body part was ever found. I was a kid when that happened, and was just learning how to dive. In the diving circle in particular that was the talk of the town, and I remember the older divers talking about it often.

There was another fatal attack reported in the mid 90's I think, about a woman that died from a shark attack off Pt. Loma. The story going around on that one was that she was murdered, and thrown in the water to fake a drowning. She had a bite on one of her legs, but no one could say that's what killed her.

So really in all of the recorded history of San Diego, there has only been one confirmed death by a shark...that I know of.
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