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Back in the early '90s my wife bought that cliche' book, which theorized men and woman stereotypes as Martians and Venusians. After a few months I only scanned the chapters and read a few passages, but recall reading some pretty profound associations.

An example of one theory, asserted that women complain about problems because they want their problems to be acknowledged, while men complain about problems because they are asking for solutions. But one analogy I strongly related to was the Cave and Wave.

The author made a point about how men react totally differently to levels of stress than woman. Many men withdraw until they find a solution to a problem, by "retreating to his cave". I've done this on more than one occasion, like tinkering in my garage workshop, after a discussion with my wife turns to an argument. Sort of a "time-out".

Woman go through this natural cycle referred to as a "Wave", centered around their abilities to openly give to other people. Their wave is stable when they feel full of energy and love to give to others. As this energy increases, but the love is not returned with equal intensity, their wave begins to grow until it crashes. The wave can only rise up again when she receives enough support to come out of her dark place.

I relate this theory to the reason why my wife sometimes doesn't let up with the "apparent" nagging, when things don't work out her way - and why I have a need to escape to the boat, or garage, to sort things out.

Is the power of a man's comforting embrace strong enough to subside this emotional, crashing wave, and if so, why aren't most men willing to do so during these situations?
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