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Originally Posted by TomandKarens34 View Post
Amen Larry!!!! Please forgive me for joining you in your rant.... I'm thinking you guys never read the Dilbert comics in the paper? Any boat yard is set up first to make money. They're not set up to make Larry rich and they're not set up to fix boats. The bean counters set the system up and they're the folks who say if the yard remains open or that everybody goes home. .
Well, ideally then I should be able to hire Larry or other people that do good work directly, we can strike a deal somewhere between what the yard charges and what the yard pays employees and both be happy with results. What the heck, I'll pay whatever I pay the yard even - just to know I get good expertise and someone that knows what they are doing and likes it

The one issue with this system is - good people are few and far between, and very hard to find. Leafing through yellow pages ain't it for sure.

A few years ago with my previous boat I hired a guy who has a shop in Annapolis (he has his own company, referred to by major marinas there). All I needed was a few replacement thruhulls. Well, here is how it went:
- He cut out old thruhulls with reciprocating saw, damaging boat hull in process (cut lots of deep gouges around every single one of them)
- He patched up gouges with some epoxy slapped right over the old ablative bottom paint and dirt that was there.
- He stuffed new thru-hulls into old holes without cleaning them of old paint or sealant, just smeared some 5200 and put them in. All that also went right on top of old bottom paint.
- Then he sprayed some thru-hull black paint on each one to cover up.
- Also - for reasons unknown he decided that the head thru-hull was too small (1.25") so he cut out a bigger hole and installed 1.5" thruhull - bronze, with a ball valve which weighted about 40lbs. Since there was not enough clearance he cut the thruhull short, leaving only a few threads (and this was the ugliest most uneven cut, looked like teeth all over the top of the thru hull pipe).
There was more. When I asked him to fix some of these things, he disappeared and stopped returning my calls. So, I had to take all that crap out, fix the hull, properly install and bed thru-hulls etc. Now I do this stuff myself.
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